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NordArt 2017 – The Long Night of the Lights

Let’s celebrate Art and the new NordArt Prize Winners

Two weeks before the end of NordArt 2017, we want to make the art shine even brighter: with pictures and sculptures dipped in colourful light, thus revealing a completely different side, and with music from Northern Europe and South America. We cordially invite you to celebrate with us the "Long Night of the Lights" at the Kunstwerk Carlshütte on Saturday 23 September. Also, we look forward to sharing with you the NordArt Prize Winner 2017 and this year’s public choice favourites.

On this day, NordArt will be open until midnight. From 7 pm, musicians performing on the stage in front of the cupola furnace will introduce you to different playing and singing traditions – very much in line with the NordArt idea.

From 19h: Michaela von Karger (born in 1974 in Minneapolis, USA) has lost her heart to the Celtic harp with its soft, spherical sound and unmistakable harmony. She opens the musical program with harp music from Scandinavia and the Celtic countries.

From 20h: On its musical journey from Helsinki to Havana, the "Jesse-Grell-Trio" passes through 17 countries, interpreting various styles of music. Musical focus of the far-reaching ensemble is put on South American and Caribbean songs as well as French accordion melodies, but on this evening, there will also be Danish and Scandinavian pieces. Guitar, vocals, violin, diatonic accordion and double bass play a dominating role, but up to ten different musical instruments are in use, and there is singing in five languages.

From 22h30: Daniel Puente Encina & Band (CL - LUX - FR - DE) will take their listeners with spirited crossover jazz. The Chilean singer, guitarist and composer Daniel Puente Encina (www.danielpuenteencina.com) blends Boogaloo Blues, 60s Latin Soul, Son Cubano and Latin rhythms into an explosive summer cocktail. Jean-Luc Jossa from Luxembourg (percussion), Hugo Reydet from France (E-contrabass) and the German trombonist Jörg Bücheler join him in the international quartet.

At 22h the hosts of Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Hans-Julius and Johanna Ahlmann will announce the artist receiving the NordArt Prize 2017, which is awarded for the eighth time and is endowed with 10,000 euros (award presentation following the NordArt opening 2018). This summer’s three public choice favourites will also be awarded. The Public Choice Awards are endowed with 1,000 euros each and are connected with an invitation to participate in NordArt 2018.

Long Night of the Lights at NordArt 2017: Saturday, 23 September, 11h – midnight
Special program and catering from 19h
To the Long Night of Lights on 23 September, day passes are valid until midnight. Admission is 12 euros.

Address: Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Vorwerksalle, 24782 Büdelsdorf, Germany
Contact: info@kunstwerk-carlshuette.de, Tel: +49 4331-354 695

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